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Beyond Clips & Tracks: Extending & reinventing the use of Ableton Live for interactive sound art

Max is a pioneering visual programming environment that allowed thousands of creative minds to craft new kinds of interactive sound art since the 90s. Over the last decade, it made its way inside Ableton Live, one of the most emblematic DJing / music production digital audio workstations around. This shows that there is now a real culture of crafting real-time interaction among a growing base of musicians, and Live has become this hybrid tool for experimenting and producing. In this workshop, we want to give a fresh and creative look at the Ableton Live platform as it is now, and dig into its real potential to craft innovative sound art performances and installations. We will leverage the power of Max for Live and the Live API model to explore three things: interactive sound design, i.e. beyond clips and tracks; algorithmic composition, i.e. how to create rich and versatile sound storytelling; and of course real-time control, i.e. plug Live to sensors and streams. Please note that you will have to bring your laptop for attending the workshop. 

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04 Nov

Sat., 10:00 - 6:00

Workshop - Palais des congrès

Hovertone is an “art & tech” startup created in December 2015. They think that digital technologies can afford to completely redefine the ways of interacting with the surrounding world, and they craft these new interactive experiences, as hardware and software in various form factors: desktop, tabletop, mobile, embedded, tangible, web. They design and make interactive installations, new instruments and teach workshops, for the fields of cultural spaces, museums, live shows and experiential marketing for events and communication campaigns.

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