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Surprise talk

Bruce Sterling is writing a novel at the moment. He will revealed the title and description of his talk at KIKK !


À propos

Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling (born 1954 in Brownsville, Texas) is an American science fiction author, journalist, editor and critic, best known for his novels and his seminal work on the Mirrorshades anthology, which defined the cyberpunk genre. He is also the author of non-fiction works like The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier (1992), and Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the next fifty years (2002) – a popular science approach on futurology, reflecting technology, politics and culture of the next 50 years. In 2003 he was appointed Professor at the European Graduate School where he is teaching Summer Intensive Courses on media and design. In 2005, he became "visionary in residence" at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Sterling has written for many magazines, including Newsweek, Fortune, Harper’s, Details, Whole Earth Review, and Wired, where he has been a contributing writer since its conception. Bruce Sterling also initiated various projects like The Dead Media Project, The Viridian Design Movement and Embrace the Decay. Currently he lives in Turin, Italy.

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