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Clever, playful, or eccentric, the fabulous projects that you will discover in the Market have all come a long way. They first stemmed from an idea in someone's head, before being developed by a great team using alternative and innovative techniques – fablabs, brainstorming sessions, collaborations, questioning, rebirths, you name it. And guess what: TRAKK's aim is to allow you (yes, you) to create these kinds of projects too.


The company

Trakk Namur

TRAKK Namur is cool. It is also a creative hub and fablab, and a true multidisciplinary co-creative space. Its aim is to enable the emergence of creative products within the local community. What it has to offer: office spaces for companies, project incubating support, workshops, conferences and parties – a fablab that's accessible to everyone. At TRAKK, people can swap ideas with like-minded individuals, but also with organisations that stem from the artistic, business, science and new technology fields. It is also a network that aims to break down the barriers between these various fields.