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We've built the COWBOY to appeal to the younger generation, which is not currently considering electric bikes as a proper mobility solution because of its historical existing flaws: a high-price, a general lack of proper product design, an outdated technology or a mix of the three. Coming from the software industry, we've designed the COWBOY to feature :

- Intuitive and automatic motor assistance 

- A removable yet elegant, semi-integrated, smart battery 

- Integrated front, rear and brake lights 

- App-based on/off, theft detection & GPS tracking 

- Remote troubleshooting & software updates The COWBOY is only sold through direct channels, allowing for a disintermediated pricing of 1399€.

The company


COWBOY has been created in January 2017 by Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui abd Tanguy Goretti. The purpose was to develop and sell a new kind of ebike to appeal to a younger audience. The company is based in Brussels.