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The WattLight headlamp is the very first object that used WattsonYou technology. Heat lost from your head is recovered to produce electricity and lets you light your way or be seen in the dark! Whether you are a jogger, camper, handyman or just a nature lover, the WattLight is ready to use at any moment, without having to remember to recharge it or replace the batteries, because it’s you that provides the energy directly to light it up!

The Wattlight headlamp is the launch pad for developing a wide range of objects powered by body heat.


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Have you ever had the battery of your smartphone run down? Or have you been annoyed by your remote control whose batteries have just gone flat?

Using your body heat to produce electricity is the project proposed by WattsonYou! The human body constantly loses energy in the form of heat. This heat is recovered to power objects that we use by touching: a headlamp, a remote control, a smartphone…  WattsonYou lets each user become energy independent, everywhere and all the time!

The major benefit lies in the recovery of energy which is constantly available and accessible, since everyone produces it continuously and in a completely renewable way.

WattsonYou reduces the environmental footprint by using a free resource that is available at all times.

Stay connected - the ideas for application of this new technology are endless!