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In this talk Klasien van de Zandschulp and Gianluca Monaco will zoom in on the touchpoint between online and offline identities. In their work they use digital tools to create unexpected social encounters, open up conversations and explore new types of interactions.


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Klasien van de Zandschulp is the co-founder of Lava Lab (design & technology innovation lab, Amsterdam). Her work focuses on interaction design. She designs the way people interact with and use their digital environment, often blending mixed reality and digital storytelling. Klasien is the creator of the first virtual and augmented festival Zo Niet, Dan Toch, the audio stories app HearUsHere, the succesfull Interactive Storytelling Meetup in Amsterdam and the open source platform Flinck, connecting art works in exhibitions to interactive stories. Her latest projects are a chatbot to learn the stories from the hidden characters in 17th Century paintings in the Amsterdam Museum, iPerform, a participatory performance bot and Maya, an augmented reality SciFi opera in Munich.

Gianluca Monaco is a visual interaction designer and part of Lava Lab and Studio Super Santos (Sicily, Italy), of which is also co-founder. With a background in graphic design and visual communication, his work gradually shifted towards the digital realm, between interaction design and front-end development. He is also co-founder of Developers Developers Developers, an open community in Sicily of designers, developers and anyone interested in the dialogue between these two worlds