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Empowering both creator and consumer, Kickstarter is disrupting conventional product cycles. It has shifted from being a niche phenomenon to a globally respected platform for launching ideas. Oscar Lhermitte will talk about the impact of Kickstarter on his design practice. How it started as a small experiment to a totally new approach to designing, developing, communicating, selling, manufacturing and distributing products.


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Oscar Lhermitte

Oscar Lhermitte is a French multidisciplinary designer based in London. He graduated from Central Saint Martins School and the Royal College of Art in Design Products. Oscar sees diversity as a driving force, he does not want to be constrained by only one area of creativity. His body of work ranges from industrial design to photography, video, exhibition curation, set design, art direction, and consulting. His work has been exhibited and sold in institutions such as the Design Museum London, the Museum of Modern Art New York, the Conran Shop London, the Aram Gallery London and the Design Biennale of Saint Etienne France amongst others. In parallel to his own studio work, Oscar Lhermitte is the co-founder and director of Sidekick Creatives LTD, a London-Berlin-Paris based creative agency providing the tools and expertise required to launch Kickstarter campaigns. Sidekick has been nominated Design Of The Year 2014 by the Design Museum of London. As of 2017, Oscar is now a Kickstarter Thought Leader. Kickstarter Thought Leaders are an international group of creators from the Kickstarter community who are celebrated as leaders in their fields, and for their creative successes and community influence.

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