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Big Data, Profiling & AI for the Music Industry

Music has always had a very important place for mankind; but today, when one wishes to discover new artists or songs, a single question naturally comes to mind: how can one find its way in a music catalogue counting over 50 million songs, and constantly growing in size? How is such data to be managed and evaluated? As the human is naturally restrained by such abundance of choice, artificial intelligence is to take over and, coupled with human curation, provide a personalized recommendation service focusing on the emotions that music delivers.


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Frederic Notet

Frédéric Notet is the co-Founder and CTO of Musimap S.A., the Belgian startup specializing in cognitive technologies in the music industry. As a musician, engineer and entrepreneur, Frédéric studied and practiced music (singing, saxophone, piano, solmization, orchestral direction) for nearly 20 years, partaking in numerous concerts and tours around the world, notably as part of his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels. At the same time, Frédéric studied and mastered new technologies with a specialization in Databank, Architecture and Big Data; particularly for clients such as Eurostar and Thalys, Frédéric managed the complete overhaul of their respective web architecture. He has now been working for nearly 10 years in Big Data and in Artificial Intelligence, serving the music industry. Finally, Frédéric’s entrepreneurial side is also very present since his experiences working for the marketing department of Apple Bé-lux, founding a consultancy company in multimedia creation (2make2) and later a company portal of the Belgian motorcycle sport, in which he organized several races included in the Belgian Motorcycling Championship (Speed and Endurance). In 2008, Frédéric joined Pierre Lebecque to extend his ambitious musical spatialization project and since 2015, he is co-Founder and CTO of Musimap S.A. - a Belgian startup recognized worldwide for its expertise in the world music catalogue (comprising 50 million tracks, 5 million artists, 3 billion relationships), notably at the level of emotions and for its work in electroacoustic analysis in the service of personalized music recommendation.

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