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Design For Emotion : A Starter's Guide

If you're a designer in 2017, chances are you fully integrate data and KPI in your daily life. That being said, if design’s first role is all about solving issues and making everybody's life easier through on point and smart decisions, we, at the very core of our human nature, are totally illogical and emotion-driven creatures. Let's break things, do a bit of neuroscience, and explore an art and nature-inspired take on the interactive design process.


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Although he wasn't meant to design and even less for the web, he is nevertheless Design Director and co-founder of Dogstudio. Little did he knows they would become an international award-winning firm devoted to design, technology and all shades between those two disciplines. Over the last decade, he has worked to (modestly) spread a culture of design based on quality, emotion and a sense of detail. It lead them to national and international collaborations with Microsoft, The Kennedy Center Washington, The Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago, Franco Dragone, and lots of amazing people.