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Building Botparty and Thrum: the challenges of creating physical game experiences

This talk will be a deep dive system breakdown of Phoenix Perry's most recent works, Bot Party and Thrum. Bot Party is a game which rewards holding hands in large circles. Technically, it leverages several signal processing tricks involving data smoothing and reduction to allow for unique sensor creation from simple materials. Thrum is a haptic grid 250cm large. These two games are both shown at game events where key factors such as portability, setup speed and robustness are critical factors. This talk will break the tech of both games down and discuss the lessons learned from showing them in a setting where the setup time can be under 20 minutes and the tear down time is often even shorter. 

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Phoenix Perry

Phoenix Perry is a lecturer in Physical Computing and Games at Goldsmiths, University of London. Programer, game developer and designer. She is part of several open source communities, including Code Liberation Foundation where she teaches women how to make games. Participant of numerous conferences and part of different artistic projects with her audio-visual installations