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Data Fossils

We live in a world surrounded by connected objects enabling us to follow our daily activity, our physical shape, our diet, our weight, our calories consumption or our sleep quality. This data coming from our own body can be visualized but they can also become the start of a narrative, of a story or even becoming the rules of an ecosystem.

The aim of this workshop is to create your own organic and visual ecosystem and to use the data coming from our body activity to influence the development and the destiny of a  unique micro-organism for each participant. The secondary objective will be to generate a DataFossil, a kind a footprint enabling to mark the micro-organism's evolution in matter (i.e.: engraved on a rock, on wood, on any other material...)

Workshop by Patrick Paleta, Stéphane Buellet, Julia Puyo & Arnaud Juracek.


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Practical informations

04 Nov

Sat., 10:00 - 6:00

Workshop - Palais des congrès

Chevalvert is a visual design studio co-founded by Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet in 2007. Based on an open, multidisciplinary and transversal design approach, the Chevalvert studio addresses and designs projects without preconception, where form serves idea. The studio’s achievements are shared between institutional, cultural and industrial orders and self-produced projects. The studio’s experience and expertise offers a cross-perspective on the approach to problems and thus permits relevant and consistent responses to be brought in each field of graphic design. The studio accords the same importance to each project. Regardless of its size, the commitment and quality remain identical. Over its variety of collaborations Chevalvert has also assembled a network of graphic designers, developers, character designers and scenographers, all experts in their field.