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Introduction to TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner is a visual development platform for making interactive 3D art, multi-screen interactive experiences, museum exhibits, data visualizations, architectural projections, live visual performances, and more.  For everyone who wants to get a fast track start on working with TouchDesigner, this workshop will provide a good basis to gain an initial understanding on workflow, concepts and techniques while equipping attendees with the knowledge to start creating interactive / generative setups.


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closed - Antoine Goldschmidt

Practical informations

03 Nov

Fri., 10:00 - 1:00

Workshop - Palais des congrès

Antoine Goldschmidt is the founder of Magicstreet, a Brussels based studio that designs and creates interactive and multimedia installations & scenographies for museums, public spaces, or large events. With both an engineering and performing arts background, his work aims at creating user experiences at the frontier between real and virtual spaces. He has been working with Touchdesigner for several years in various and very different projects.