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Top Memo

Top Memo is a fun brain training application for IoS, Android and Web browser. Top Memo allow the user to track his brain performance improvement but also do a medical follow-up with his own doctor. The initial idea for Top Memo come from the Doctor Serge Vassart, who've seen that his patients with small cognitive disorder wasn't happy with actual solutions. Himself want to track his patient performance. He teamed with Hellion Cat and with the help of UCL Researchers, we've developed Top Memo.


The company

Hellion Cat

Hellion Cat is a playful solutions creator. We’re using games as a media to help company, and institution, to innovate with communication and human resources. We’re developing digital projects (desktop, mobile, web, AR or VR) but also physical ones (like board games). Sometimes we’re also doing work for hire to help other studios or agencies with their Unity3D projects.