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Invisible City app

Invisible City is a mobile app that curates the best of cultural events in major European and world cities, uniting them in one place.

Have you ever walked through the streets of a city feeling that you are not truly a part of it, intuitively guessing that behind the busy façade of cafés and shops there must be a secret world of music, poetry, cinema and discussions?

Invisible City makes more than 100 cities visible for you, giving you an access to the selection of the best cultural events you wouldn't find elsewhere.


The company

Eunic Global

Invisible City is the official app of EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) and it is sponsored by Creative Europe project by European Commission.

Our mission is to build trust and understanding between people by providing an easy, immediate access to cultural events.

In the times of addictive UX that draws people’s attention into an infinite loop of scrolling, we would like to give the time back by designing a cultural app that saves searching time and helps find ways of spending free time well. On average in less than a minute Invisible City app users create their cultural plans and get directions to the event.