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Mesydel is an online tool to conduct participatory processes among a panel of stakeholders. It is based on 10 years of​ unique​ research experience at the University of Liège. The tool allows to successfully conduct surveys in several rounds of questionnaire : after a first wide-ranging and open questionnaire, each subsequent set of questions is designed on the basis of the participants’ responses collected during the previous round. This leads to the emergence of a collective intelligence used in complex situations to reach a consensus, to develop a shared vision or to identify possible futures.


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We firmly believe that two heads are better than one. As bigger goals will be achieved together, it is important to rely on tools allowing to make decisions collectively. To build legitimacy, ideas are more important than their initiator. Mesydel is a spin-off from the University of Liège, which provides services and an innovative software solution to gather geographically dispersed participants, overcome langage barriers and/or defuse highly conflictual issues. It gives a chance to reach out to many participants at the same time while ensuring anonymity of responses. Our method is tailored to help customers handling surveys strategy and complex analysis in the best possible way.