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IoT* is simply a network of objects connected to the Internet that are capable of collecting and exchanging data. From there, everything is possible: improving customer service, optimizing production processes, preventing breakdowns, saving energy, improving the supply chain ... It's all up to you! 

Do you have a project in mind? Don't rush, and come to the IoTlab.
Before investing in a complex and expensive deployment, we suggest that you test the technical feasibility of your idea and estimate its business value using a Lean Startup-inspired methodology, which aims to quickly measure the economic value of an idea. This methodology is the basis of the greatest successes in the IT sector.

You are interested in the subject, but you don't see yet how it will allow your business to grow? Come and get inspired by the concrete cases implemented at the Microsoft Innovation Center.
The IoTlab is the place to test a project at a small scale before deploying it in your company, with all the expertise necessary to make it a reality.

*Internet of Things

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Microsoft Innovation Center Belgique

The Microsoft Innovation Center is a non-profit organization that endeavor the digital transformation of the Walloon economy through coaching of SME and entrepreneurs, prototyping services and training of IT professionals.