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du-touch S

Have you always wanted to make music but music theory slowed you donw? Have you melodies in your head but do not know how to translate them musically? A French team has developed the most COMPLETE and INTUITIVE musical instrument ever conceived. Its name? the du-touch S.

This instrument of a new kind, combines in a single machine all you need to compose through a very fast interface to take control. In addition the instrument is perfectly autonomous and mobile, powered by a 8-hour battery Your perfect musical companion which will follow you wherever you feel inspired. 


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If the famous notes layout of the piano were not the most intelligent one? This question made J.Hotrique, mathematician and musician start the Dualo project. After rethinking the notes layout to group the notes that sound well together next to each other, J. Hotrique traveled through France to meet musicians and music lovers to ask them the following question: "For you, what would be the ideal musical instrument? ". In 2011, he then launches with his partner, Dualo, whose objective is to release the musical instrument of the future. 4 years later Dualo released the 1st du-touch presented last year at the Kikk Festival. Dualo is back this year to present their latest instrument even faster and even more accessible.

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