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Aryzon is a Dutch company who released the first cardboard of Augmented/Mixed Reality in the world. Aryzon offers a portable and intuitive solution to Augmented Reality. Designed to be lightweight and affordable, the Aryzon headset enables anyone that owns a smartphone to experience the limitless world of Augmented Reality. Companies can now use their own branded AR headset to showcase their models like holograms. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of euros for an AR headset, like the 3000$ Microsoft Hololens, for less than 30 euro you can obtain an Aryzon headset.


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Aryzon wants to stimulate the use of Augmented Reality globally by offering a solution that enables a widespread use of this technology. By targeting the lower part of the AR headset-market, while ensuring quality, Aryzon makes it possible for anyone owning a smartphone to use real 3D Augmented Reality. Whereas in some applications Virtual Reality or 2D ‘ mobile’ Augmented Reality would be more suitable, there are endless occasions in which real three dimensional AR has more added value. Aryzon hopes to speed up this process, just like Google did with their Google VR Cardboard.