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Lola Meotti

Born in Besançon, France, in 1986, a graduate in Fine Arts in Besançon (DNAP), holder of a Master’s in Photography, and a Master’s in Sculpture from the ENSAV La Cambre, Lola lives and works in Brussels. A video artist associated with the Les Halles de Schaerbeek cultural centre in Brussels, she is a lecturer in Photography at La Cambre and in Video at Saint-Luc Liège. She also is freelance executive commissioner. Her installations include videos, images, sculpture and performance. Three-dimensional staging and the layout of the objects are an integral part of her approach and adapt to the architecture of the exhibition space. She primarily works with existing images or video sequences from private or institutional archives, cutting, blowing up and isolating micro-narratives.  Her studies are linked together by the concept of place as a space for mental projection. The reworked images try to activate a collective memory. It’s a matter of space, identity and the quest.  “How to place yourself on two axes if you cannot see their endpoints?”