The exhibition

4/3 to 16/9

The artist who wants to enlarge the image he appears in. Or else it is the artist of the 4/3 era who would like to move on to the 16/9 era? We see him pushing on the side edge of the image frame projected on the wall, but the problem is that when he pushes on one of these edges, the other edge follows...

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Benoit Felix

Benoît Félix lives and works in Brussels. His work is developing in the thin space where image, because men touch it, becomes an object. His drawings are coming from the first trace of contact that marks the sheet of paper with its track. Following it, he developes the consequences of this act, until to will catch or hold it in the hand, losing the drawing in this adventure, and finally find himself with real skins of image, or of panting. His videos or installations set on play this border space between real (body, object, space) and image (or sense).