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Narrative environments for the construction of immersive experiences

During this conference, Yan will present a series of immersive visualisation projects in multi-screen, Full Dome and virtual reality format. It will thus be about visualising computer files (VjGraph, 2013), complex phenomena (Nuée/Swarm, 2015, Re-Génération, 2015) and sound and music (Enigma, 2017 and Les Planètes, 2018). The immersion paradigm literally transforms the status of  images; they crossover from representation to environment. Spectators are placed in the centre of permanently mutating virtual spaces. This aspect transforms the enjoyment of works into experiences. Does the domain of immersive visualisation constitute a new narrative form? How can we transmit complex concepts by combining sensory dimensions and immersion narratives? How can we make sound, a musical composition, complex phenomenon or mass of data visible in an immersive form?


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Yan Breuleux

Yan Breuleux is a professor at the École des arts numériques, de l'animation et du design à Montréal (NAD). He graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Master of Industrial Design (M.Sc.A) and a doctorate in composition in the Faculty of Music at the University of Montreal.  He’s also a researcher and practitioner in the field of visual music for immersive display. His most recent achievements are exploring immersive storytelling with the projects Re-Génération (2015, in collaboration with David McConville),  Nuéée | Swarm (2015), VjGraph (2014) et Engim(a) (2015). For ten years he has collaborated with musicians and composers to create multi-screen, panoramic, and fulldome pieces. His works with the composeur Alain Thibault have been broadcast at recognized intertational digital art festivals like ISEA, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Scopitone and Nemo.

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