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Sound environments in physical games

How can physical play give people a stronger sense of human connection?  As we grow older, we often encounter fewer chances to play in daily life. This talk proposes physical play as a meditative practice to reconnect us to each other and our environment. Sensory experiences are keys into our understanding of our reality. Surprising sensory expectations can unlock our fixed way of interacting with the familiar and open us up to new ways of seeing the world and ourselves. Half talk, half meditation on the need for whimsy and playfulness in daily life, this talk aims to inspire people to break from the familiar. 

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Phoenix Perry

Phoenix Perry is a lecturer in Physical Computing and Games at Goldsmiths, University of London. Programer, game developer and designer. She is part of several open source communities, including Code Liberation Foundation where she teaches women how to make games. Participant of numerous conferences and part of different artistic projects with her audio-visual installations