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Beauty in digital: trendy or timeless ?

Beauty is everywhere in our designers life, but it is hard to define, especially for digital...Many think it is based on short-lived trends, but something else is happening. Aude Degrassat explores the specificities of digital trends and how our perception of beauty evolved through time. Understanding what is "beauty'' in digital will give us deeper insights about how to ensure the beauty of a digital project in the continuously evolving digital landscape.


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Aude Degrassat

Aude Degrassat is a french director specialized in leading projects for fashion and luxury brands. With a strong background in type design, she has developed a passion for highly crafted design solutions. Constantly curious about discovering new cultures and teamwork process, she has spent the last 6 years living and working in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Paris and London. In her spare time, she works on personal projects: the last one was She is also part of the Awwwards Jury.