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L'arbre à cerveaux

The arbre à cerveaux (Brain tree) is a musical percussion instrument imagined and designed by Florent & Romain Bodart. Twelves hammers taken from a piano pound out rythmic sequences on various objects. Attendees can influence the various sequences and change the tempo of the mechanism by using a control stick.


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Romain et Florent Bodart

Influenced by the artistic universe in which they grew up, for Florent and Romain Bodart, creation is obvious. Raised in a family of luthiers they began by exploring the world of sounds from childhood, created their electronic music duo Idioma in 2008 and over the years have discovered and tame new fields of sound and graphic design. Today, their practice spaces include composition, graphic design, live performance sound and the relationship between music and images. They use different mediums and appreciate going through a concrete and craft work phase before continuing to explore the possibilities offered by digital tools. These different facets of their activity enrich each other, complement each other and respond to one another. In 2016, Romain and Florent Bodart focused their research on interactivity. The instruments and installations they have devised invite the public to participate and explore the possibilities of conversation between music and images.