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Invent the future of pinball with paint markers and a simple sheet of paper then play it on a game machine straight out of science fiction ! No need to be an expert: sketch everything that crosses your mind by using big color markers. Each of them corresponding to a function: bumper, wall, speed up... creating a unique gameplay. Press SCAN and start a frenzied pinball game! During your game, correct some mistakes, add some areas, the flippaper is a never ending creation where you're in charge! Refresh by pressing scan, launch the ball, and beat the High-Score ! Through a drawing language based on analog tools, Flippaper brings virtual and material back together. Explore a new balance between drawing and logic, control and accidents, action and meditation. Synchronize your inner experience to this incredible physical world. 


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Jéremie Cortial and Roman Miletitch are the left and right arms of Papertronics, aiming to find more natural and physical ways to interact with new technologies. Pigments on walls was used by cavemen, so it felt good enough for us. Felt pen, paint or colored dot stickers on papers, colored food syrup on thin white waffle, graff on a wall... draw with any means necessary and grant your drawing life by pressing the magical SCAN button. What was static becomes dynamic, alive and utterly fun to play! A whole new world of messy interactions opens up. We're the welcoming committee.