Le workshop

vvvv / Kinect pour débutants

The Kinect is Microsoft 3d motion sensor. This device provides valuable information to create and develop different types of interaction. Fields ranging from medical motion recovery to interactive art installations benefit from the data provided by this device.

This workshop consists on an introduction to Kinect working with vvvv and its possibilities. Together we will go through the following steps:

  1. Presentation and description of the device Kinect.
  2. Kinect node in vvvv and analysis of the information it offers.
  3. Visualisation of skeletons using the joint information and tracking of selected joints.
  4. Introduction to human-computer interaction with Kinect.
  5. We will create a virtual UI based on virtual elements to modify and control our graphics.
  6. Time to play and develop different UI, environments and interactions.

 The workshop should be appropriate for beginners/intermediate, with basic knowledge of vvvv.


À propos

Waltz Binaire

Practical informations

03 Nov

ven.., 10:00 - 1:00

Workshop - Palais des congrès

Waltz Binaire is a creative studio, for human motion in digital design. The poetic collision of human desire and cutting-edge technology illustrate our present age with digital harmony and voltaic friction. Exploring the aesthetics of this encounter, is the journey of Waltz Binaire. They envision, design and implement new artistic perspectives towards human identity and innovative technology. To enrich the perception of digital phenomena and to communicate new ideas, is why they moonwalk on motherboards.

Marta Soto is an interdisciplinary designer, researching at the intersection of technology and interactive experiences. Based in Berlin, she works at the design studio Waltz Binaire. Her projects range from computer vision to GPU based analysis and real time shading. She studied industrial engineering, and has a background in architecture. Marta is interested in technology, fine arts and songs in minor for piano and accordion.