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We are making demonstrations of our applications such as :

●Combustion Chamber : training on turbine operation
●Orange Tight Rope : VR slackline
●Lexyz : national education project

About the LEXYZ application:

In partnership with the Academy of Nantes, EON Reality has developed subjects of courses in Augmented Reality which will be used by more than 500 students from the 1st to the 3rd. This pilot project, which ran from February 6 to June 30, is an initiative unprecedented in its scope, duration and number of subjects taught. The aim is to assess whether these technologies are appropriate for classroom instruction and to measure their impact on student learning.


The company

Eon reality

Eon Reality is a californian company, leader of solutions and experiences of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for industries, education and communication.

Founded in 1999, EON Reality Inc is based in Irvine California (US), its corporate headquarter is based in Laval (France).

We’ve been developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Software and knowledge transfer solutions since 1999. Our AVR Platform is a premiere suite of AR & VR products serving enterprise or education. This premiere suite consists of three products - Creator AVR, Virtual Trainer, and AR Assist.