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The DUO is a musical instrument for making electronic music together. Age and musical skill don’t matter: it is designed to be played by everyone!

The DUO has two sides facing each other. The flashy circular sequencer is on one side, determining the tempo and melody. The other side, a gritty-sounding synthesizer, is in charge of the sound. The DUO makes a fun, easy to understand instrument with which you can play at home with your kids, jam on the road with a friend or bring along on stage.


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The DUO is the first musical instrument of Dato. Dato designs and builds electronic musical instruments for future generations. With a strong focus on industrial design, they aim to make every musical experience as fun and meaningful as possible. The two founders David Menting (interactive product design) and Toon Welling (product design) have a longstanding fascination with electronic music and a passion for the instruments that drive that music.

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