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The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things

The craft of design taps into a sophisticated—and uniquely human—way that our senses “feel-out" problems. When we push to assess material resistance, squint to gauge contrast, or stand back to feel the emotional impact of a design, we are using a give-and-take tinkering logic to explore the structure of our world. Because of this, design can be a radically firsthand approach to finding new possibilities hiding in plain view—within experiences that we take for granted. In this talk, Kelli will primarily focus on the process behind her experimental projects, where she seeks to create "lo-fi magic" by pushing paper to its functional limits


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Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson is a designer/paper engineer who uses humble materials to expose invisible forces at play in the world. Obsessed with the transparency and intimacy offered by “lo-fi magic”, she believes that handheld experiences can effectively challenge our expectations about the larger world. Her first book, a functional pop-up camera titled, “This Book is a Camera,” was published by the Museum of Modern Art last year and "This Book is a Planetarium"—a collection of pop-up lo-fi technology—is being published by Chronicle Books in October. She is known for her paper record player wedding invitation and her work in the Yes Men's counterfeit NY Times hoax.