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Looking at the overlooked

The conference will focus on Katherine Melançon's creative process, her practice, and the theoretical framework in which she is situated. The conference will focus on the genre of still life and its relationship to new technologies, the notion of place and the theme of transformation.


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Katherine Melancon

Katherine Melançon is interested in process, the use of non traditional materials and the act of giving up control. Through a constant loop between experimentation and results, she likes to question the boundaries of a material and explore its path to its own dematerialisation or rematerialisation. To confront these boundaries, she hands over control during the process to machines and algorithmes, nature or weather and chemical principles etc. The outcome is therefore sporadic, a collection of unforeseen results. She is drawn to works that fluctuate between the abstract and the figurative, the macro and the micro, the natural and the technological to engage the viewer in an active experience.

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