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Dive into WebVR with A-Frame

Creating or mixing up realities on the web is no longer rocket science. Core technologies like WebGL and WebVR paved the road for building immersive experiences in the web and the emerging WebAR is aiming to further mix things up. But can designing your next virtual reality experience get as easy as writing your own blog? This talk explores why the framework A-Frame is changing the game for 3d on the web, by removing entry barriers and giving the right tools to quickly build stunning worlds waiting for your users to dive in.

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Frederic Schwarz

Frederic studied Architecture at the ETH Zürich and is the co-founder of Aero Architekten and Archilogic. While designing buildings and furniture, he learned what it means to communicate spatial ideas. At Archilogic, he now works on combining architectural knowledge and technology to make spatial decision making accessible.