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Interaction, innovation, digital craft

The most memorable communication actions of recent years are based on innovation. Inventing experiences, creating new devices or applying state-of-the-art algorithms to give a new view of the world are being used to communicate brand values ​​successfully. They firmly believe that new technologies are transforming the world, but they are also transforming the way companies communicate with their customers. They will present how their study is trying to dissolve the distance between the digital and the physical world, to generate innovative experiences that help companies to project themselves in the future.


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Espadaysantacruz Studio is a hybrid creative studio located in Madrid. They develop interactive and audiovisual experiences thanks to continuous research on digital technology & storytelling. The studio's members are professionals with different backgrounds in the fields of information technology, audiovisual creation, photography and cultural management. They work with agencies, production companies, businesses and cultural organizations which are trying to find new ways of communication by firmly betting on innovation and creativity. They work with those who see, as they do, a new way to convey their ideas in the countless technological possibilities of our time. Their ongoing research makes every project unique. They are involved throughout the creative process, from the research stage to the manufacturing of the final product, because this is how they manage to create works which are alive and have their own personality. They conceive each project as an organic entity in which the different technologies and visual proposals work harmoniously, without eclipsing one another. The span of their work goes from classical visual technologies, such as photography and the audiovisual, to cutting edge technologies, such as interactive installations, online apps, interactive video mapping or data visualization