About the artwork

Mas que la cara

'Mas que la cara’ originally commissioned by the Houston Downtown Management District for Art Blocks, 2016.

Más que la cara (more than the face) investigates what the intersection of masks, technology and public play might look like. The key objective is to create an intuitive, engaging experience for kids and adults, and explore the idea of the augmented face. With this project, YesYesNo explores what kinds of geometry can be connected to faces and, in particular, how different facial movements and expressions can drive them. The project also relates to the history of the 1111 Main Street, the former location of the Sakowitz department store, harnessing the power of shop windows to capture people’s attention and create moments of magic and delight on the street.


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Zach Lieberman

From the US, Zach is an essential figure in the community of artists working at the forefront of media and technology. As one of the founders of Open Frameworks, a C++ coding toolkit and global creative community, Lieberman is considered something of a sensei when it comes to media art. He makes projects that continually locate the human in technology, focusing on gesture and storytelling as well as bringing elements of play, performance, and magic (in fact, he's even worked with a magician) to today's most cutting-edge tech tools.